A Brief Knowledge of Salesforce Lightning Service Cloud

Salesforce consists of various clouds which has made the applications fast and smarter namely Sales Cloud, Einstein Analytics, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud Digital and IoT Cloud. Salesforce creates the finest CRM since the time it commenced. Salesforce has come up as the outstanding industry owing to innovation, productivity, platform, flexibility and mobility.

What is Service Cloud?

Service Cloud permits the customers to automate processes, integrating the workflows and search for the experts to provide guidance to the agent. The goal is to promote one-to-one marketing interaction with each and every customer across numerous channels and on any gadget. Service cloud can tune in and acknowledge the customers on diverse social platforms and naturally direct cases to the relevant agent. Service for applications prepares to insert customer support in the applications.

Salesforce Service Cloud is being integrated with the Salesforce Community Cloud which furnishes the customers with multiple communication channels. Salesforce customer success platform is also being integrated with the social customer service which gives a broader and complete picture of the user.

An Inside View of Service Cloud

It’s vital to comprehend certain Service Cloud components to devise intelligent decisions pertaining to the business. Salesforce offers two major tools namely knowledge and solutions.

  • If the customer is utilizing knowledge base then knowledge licenses are the prerequisites and user need to purchase the licenses whereas solutions licenses comes free of cost. Knowledge base has features of reporting and analytics that gives the users an awareness into the knowledge base and its scope.
  • For Salesforce iteration, evolution and progress knowledge base serves better when compared to the solutions base. Salesforce knowledge is expected to showcase an unending enrichments and advancement.
  • Searching and assimilating leads and cases rapidly resolve the conversion. Collaborating teams with enhancement is also provided by Salesforce knowledge. It further ellaborates the formatting and text-editing functionality in word.
  • Solutions and knowledge articles can be incorporated in the specific case. Both of the tools can be used for endless association and enhancement.
  • Knowledge base empowers the users to segregate the articles and data which allows users to view diverse sets of knowledge to agents, partners and customers.
  • Currently, Salesforce knowledge is being integrated with the Service Cloud Console and will also integrate with various other features which will bring enhancement and advancement in the tool. 
  • Articles in Knowledge base permits a far-reaching and broader publishing approval process for quality control.
  • There has been constant improvements and developments in Salesforce knowledge base tool.

According to the reports and analysis, Service Cloud has been ranked elite and finest in providing customer service solution.

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