Why is Business Intelligence creating so much buzz?

The IT industry has always been subjected to technological developments which have had major influence in the way organizations work. Agility, artificial intelligence, cloud computing are the main drivers in technology. This has also modified the usage of software and technologies for business intelligence in companies. In this article, we will explain our view on growing trends in business intelligence and how it is valuable for the... Read more

Personalization Made Easy With “Thunder” IoT Cloud

A new cloud offering thunder has changed “Internet-of-Things” to “Internet-of-Customers” in Salesforce. Thunder aims to connect events from sensors, applications and devices with Salesforce. Organizations can interact with the customers in a more customized way by the use of thunder. Thunder is an immensely scalable and real-time processing engine that is a part of App Cloud which is an integrated set of platform services in Salesforce. ... Read more

Salesforce Einstein Platform- Beginning of a New Future

Salesforce Einstein is basically a layer that is introduced in salesforce platform that has collaborated the use of artificial intelligence across all salesforce clouds. Einstein is diving into data modelling, scaling of predictive models across the workflows in salesforce. With the amalgamation of artificial intelligence platform and salesforce einstein, models can be built automatically. Customers have customized the products to meet... Read more