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Follow interative V model for software testing process

Phases of Testing Specifications Required Details Component Testing Component Design
  • This first test level is sometimes called Module Testing.
  • It checks whether each feature specified in the "Component Design" has been implemented in the component or not.
Interface Testing System Design
  • Done after each components have been checked individually using component testing
  • The components are then integrated and tested for faults.
  • Interface Testing also focuses on how components should communicate with each other, as specified in the "System design".
System Testing System Specification
  • Carried after the development of the entire system
  • It is tested against the "System Specification" to check if the system is meeting requirements and has all features required.
  • Not only the individual parts are checked, but the system is also checked as a whole.
  • Involves tests for verification of all the functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Non-functional requirements include:
  • Performance - Are the performance criteria met?
  • Volume - Can large volumes of information be handled?
  • Stress - Can peak volumes of information be handled?
  • IDocumentation - Is the documentation usable for the system?
  • Robustness - Does the system remain stable under adverse circumstances?
  • And others, depending upon the type of the system.
Acceptance Testing Requirements
  • Done to see if the required system meets the requirements.
  • Different from the system testing as system testing is tested against specifications whereas acceptance testing is done against the requirements and hence is done by the customer.
We provide tools and training to our clients to help them in successfully performing acceptance testing.
Release Testing Business Cases
  • Seeing if the new or changed system will work in the existing business environment.
  • Mainly this means the technical environment, and checks concerns such as:
  • Does it affect any other systems running on the hardware?
  • Is it compatible with other systems?
  • Does it have acceptable performance under load?
We, at HyTech Professionals design the system, keeping in mind its compatibility with the hardware. Our computer operation team is involved in the starting of the project who study the impact the new system may have on the business environment.
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